EU_SHAFE First round of Local Stakeholders Meetings

14 November 2019

To improve policies at regional level by developing an approach to Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE)

The EU_SHAFE project has lunched, during the months of October and November 2019, the first round, four in total during the project life time,  of Local Stakeholders Meetings intended to foster the collaboration between the project partners and local key actors active in the SHAFE area in each of the 7 European Regions covered by the project action.

Aim of this reinforced dialogue between the project and the terriotarial stakeholders is to promote an intensive and deep interregional policy learning process among all participants on the SHAFE topics to concretily influence policy intruments and funding plans of the involed Regions.  

Each EU_SHAFE partner Region, through the contributions of a cooperative regional ecosystem between public authorities, regional networks, academia, associations, civil society and businesses, will elaborate a Regional Assessment Report on four out of eight SHAFE areas as defined by the WHO,  to identify good practices that can be sucesfully scaled up in other territories and issue an action plan defining the actions for improvents needed at terriotorial level.

Three out of seven Regions involved in the project activities held their first Stakeholder Meetings during the last weeks.

In particular, Caritas Coimbra (PT) promoted its first meeting on October 23rd, the Technological University Dublin together with Louth County Council (IE) on October 31st, and the Aarhus Municipality (DK) on November 5th.

All those meetings have been aimed at formalising the costitution of the Local Stakeholders Groups, at presenting more in depth the aim and the objectives of the project and at cleary explain the structure of the Regional Assessment Report. During the various meetings, where the participation has been extremely active, the attending stakeholders had the opportunity to present valuable SHAFE local good practices that could be shared with other Regions and gave relevant inputs to build on the project next steps.

For all the updates related to the other Regions Local Stakeholders Groups meetings and other news on the EU_SHAFE project please check the project website or follow the official project hashtag #EU_SHAFE.

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