Erasmus+ Social Inclusion and Common Values Call Open

11 November 2019

Funding available for transnational education and training cooperation projects.

This Erasmus+ Call for Proposals will support transnational cooperation projects in the fields of general education and training and adult education. The call comprises two lots, one for general education and training (Lot 1) and one for adult education (Lot 2).

Projects submitted under Lot 1 should aim at disseminating and/or scaling up good practices on inclusive learning initiated in particular at local level; or developing and implementing innovative methods and practices to foster inclusive education and promote common values.

Projects submitted under Lot 2 should support projects that create or further develop transnational and national networks of adult education providers. These projects should help build up the capacity of Adult Education providers to implement European policy on adult learning at national and regional levels.

Eligible applicants are public and private organisations active in the field of general education and training and adult education, or other socioeconomic sectors or organisations carrying out cross-sector activities (eg cultural organisations, civil society, sport organisations, recognition centres, chambers of commerce, trade organisations, etc.). If higher education institutions are involved, they must have been awarded an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE).

Only applications from legal entities established in the following programme countries are eligible:

  • Member States of the European Union.
  • EFTA/EEA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway.
  • EU candidate countries: North Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia.

The total budget available for the co-financing of projects under the present call is €20 million allocated as follows:

  • Lot 1 – General education and training: €14 million.
  • Lot 2 – Adult education: €6 million.

The maximum grant per project will be €400,000 for projects of 24 months duration and €500,000 for projects of 36 months duration. The financial contribution from the EU cannot exceed 80% of the total eligible project costs.

The deadline for applications is 25 February 2020.

To apply, organisations must first register on the on the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS)

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