EraPerMed Joint Transnational Call 2022: Prevention in personalised medicine

3 May 2022

Through its fifth transnational call, ERA PerMed aims to foster research on prevention in personalised medicine. The overarching goal of the call is the development of tailor-made strategies for prevention of disease and disease progression, at three different levels: i. preventive measures decreasing the rate of incidence (primary prevention), ii. early detection to increase the efficacy of a preventive therapy, even before symptoms are developed (secondary prevention), and iii. interventions preventing disease recurrence or improving patients’ care and quality of life (tertiary prevention). Research on prevention from over-treatment or overmedicalisation in primary, secondary and tertiary personalised preventive approaches is optional and could be part of research proposals, if applicable.

Deadline for full proposals is 14 June 2022. For more information, check ERA PerMed website. 

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