EOLAS has developed an app for doctors and nurses to help with COVID-19

23 March 2020

EOLAS has developed an app that doctors and nurses can download. This allows local department guidance and instructional videos to be uploaded.

There is a specific COVID-19 section within the app that has all the latest national guidance for healthcare professionals, this also allows Emergency Departments to upload their own specific guidelines and videos (for example, how to use a ventilator, as there will be many medical staff moving forward with no experience with this any other things but will be but expect to do every thing they can)

EOLAS needs to find interest Emergency Departments and trusts that would like to sign up for the app. They are giving access for free to help disseminate vital information during the crisis.

An overview of the app as well as the links to the App Stores can be found here: www.my-emergency-department.com

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