Elemental Software: What’s new in Social Prescribing?

1 June 2022

Find out the latest news in social prescribing. Watch our recent webinar recording on how social prescribing is being used in Education. See what exciting social prescribing events are coming up.

Elemental Software: What’s new in Social Prescribing?

Elemental would like to welcome our new customers that have gone live on Elemental this past month; Edinburgh City, East Lothian, North Highlands and Argyle and Bute. Thank you for choosing us as your digital social prescribing partner. 

Investing in student welfare via social prescribing – best practice session

We recently hosted two of our customers, Finneen Bradley from the North West Regional College and Natasha Whitelaw from Wrexham Glyndŵr University, on a webinar to discuss social prescribiing and the use of Elemental in their organisations. Their organisations are leading the way in student wellbeing and implementing social prescribing in education. If you would like to watch the recording, please email [email protected]

There has never been a more important time for further education and university institutions to take decisive and proactive action in collaboration with other sectors to enhance their wellbeing programmes and introduce a model of care that will effectively address, manage and combat the mounting mental health and wellbeing crisis amongst students.

Due to not being able to attend face-to-face classes or experience student accommodation in normal settings, it’s easy to see how the pandemic has had a negative effect on students’ mental health and wellbeing.

It’s also made it even harder for further education and university institutions to deliver, manage and track student wellbeing programmes. Many students have had issues with online learning, social isolation, financial hardship, feelings of fear, hopelessness, frustration and fear of COVID-19, which can no doubt take its toll on mental wellbeing. 

Upcoming Events

Join us for our upcoming webinars. First up we have our June Elemental Open Lounge on Wednesday 15th June. This month’s theme is How to Manage Population Health. We will be taking a closer look at some of the accredited monitoring tools used on the Elemental platform and how these are used to help manage population health by identifying the needs of communities and assessing the impact of social prescribing programmes on population health. 

Then on Tuesday 21st June, we will be hosting one of our customers for our Mental Health and Social Prescribing webinar. We will be discussing the impact social prescribing has on Mental Health Foundation Trusts and the benefits of the new integration between Elemental Software and Rio EPR. 

Register here for our webinars. 

The All Ireland Social Prescribing Conference is taking place on the 23rd and 24th of June in Derry. Join us in the City Hotel as the social prescribing community in Ireland comes together to celebrate and discuss how we can sustain and grow social prescribing in Ireland. Find out more and register here.  

Discover more about Elemental Software:

Elemental Software, part of The Access Group, is the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of social prescribing technology. Elemental is an award-winning tech for good company with the purpose of empowering and enabling individuals, families and their carers to better connect into community-based programmes, services and interventions that make a positive impact on their lives.

Through their innovative digital platform, Elemental enables localities and regions to establish, develop and scale the social prescribing model of care. Elemental works with local councils, health and social care trusts, community and voluntary sector organisations, housing associations, prisons and education organisations, such as universities, to co-design and deliver better community and wellbeing outcomes.

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