EIT Health COVID-19 OFFER: Online guidance for providing remote healthcare

22 April 2020

Telehealth adoption tools and guidelines consolidated into one easy-to-use platform to help healthcare professionals make smooth transitions to remote care

Telehealth Toolbox is a collection of guidelines and practical tools that aims to accelerate the adoption of telehealth practices by primary care clinicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to quarantines and social distancing measures, many healthcare professionals (HCPs) must adopt telehealth in order to ensure the continuity of care for their patients in a very small window of time and under significant, unprecedented pressure.

Telehealth Toolbox is built on the hypothesis that current guidelines are difficult to locate and synthesise for HCPs attempting to implement telehealth care for the first time in their practises. The toolbox attempts to combine guidelines and tools to give HCPs a guide to getting up and running on telehealth quickly.

The team behind the platform performed a review of existing guidelines from existing sources including the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine among many others.

The guidelines were produced by a team from frog, a global design and strategy firm, and a company of EIT Health Core Partner Altran. The team condensed the guidelines and tools from multiple sources into a holistic collection, combining perspectives and boiling down the content to the core message. They then created three clear categories of guidelines: preparing your practise, preparing your patients and delivering remote care. The result is a consolidated set of recommendations and tools available for immediate action.

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