eHealthpass: Cross Border, across devices, across clouds, frictionless data flow for healthcare and wellness

12 January 2022

eHealthpass is the patient centered platform that enables treatment planning and monitoring, emergency support and geolocation, with a focus on patient consent and privacy.

General Description

eHealthPass is an innovative, rich patient-centered platform for family health and disease management. It provides health records’ access, information sharing with professionals, treatment planning and monitoring, emergency support, with a focus on patient consent and privacy, and alerting of any abnormal situation as it is defined by healthcare professionals. It is a mobile-enabled health solution that allows citizens to collect personal and family medical history Data, share them with selected physicians and have access to medical information kept in connected healthcare systems. 

The main parts of the applications are: 

  • Mobile application for the patients 
  • Web application for the healthcare professionals 
  • Backend services, to support the whole functionality for patients and healthcare professionals’ applications and their connection 

Patients can be lay persons and will use the service because they will find the most efficient, secure and easy way to take control of all their health data and have this information in their own hands. Control of their personal data will empower the patients both in the interest of their health record and in the general field of eHealth technologies. The shift from a health system that is centered on providers to one that is centered on people’s individual needs and preferences has important implications for how to measure health system performance. 


eHealthPass combines technology and service offerings. Gnomon has already designed the required services provided by eHealthPass in 4 pillars: 

Interoperability: It includes fast healthcare interoperability resources, support of international standards and the National eHealth interoperability framework, extended data services and Internet of Things connectivity 

Self-Management Tools: eHealthPass already offers treatment adherence tools such as progress monitoring and notifications, while it also supports PHR tools such as Health Record Management as well as Set Emergency Information individually. Its self-management tools also include personalized questionnaires for the patient in order to progress their treatment and medical records in one place for the patient’s convenience with XDS infrastructure. The decision support tool (Alert Rules) that assists healthcare professionals by sending important alarms regarding a patient’s health indicators (blood pressure, blood glucose etc.) is improving the care plan procedure for both the healthcare professional and the patient.

Collaboration Tools: Reports and treatment progress are already available to empower treatment adherence, while the software provides appointment scheduling as well as search engine for patients and healthcare professionals. Collaboration tools include appointments and reminders for the patient and social tools for support.

Privacy: Patients can manage privacy and consent to their own data. They can authorize specified access to Healthcare professionals with the consent mechanism. Also, the ‘break the glass’ mechanism is a useful tool that patients can use in an emergency and give access to their data.

Find out more about the eHealthPass here.

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