Romania - North East Health Ecosystem

North East Region is one of the eight development regions in Romania, which do not have an administrative status, but ensuring the framework of development, implementation and evaluation of regional development policies and related European funds. North-East Regional Development Agency (RDA) is a catalyst of economic and social development, the only regional independent body that manages national and European public funds for regional development.
North East Health Ecosystem

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Health is one of the smart specialisation sectors and North East RDA supports the innovative health projects promoters to identify the most suitable partners and to attract resources necessary for the implementation. In order to facilitate the development of an innovative health ecosystem, North East RDA set up as founding member the North-East Innovative Regional Cluster for Structural and Molecular Imaging (IMAGO-MOL Cluster).

The North East Region is composed by 6 counties (Bacău, Botoșani, Iași, Neamț, Suceava and Vaslui) and has a number of 9.117 medical units, representing 14.8% from the total national number.

Iasi is the regional medical and university center, headquarters of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, University Hospital, research centers and medical clusters – Imago-Mol Cluster, the only medical imaging cluster in Romania and European Union, and also BioRone, biotechnologies cluster.


  • Facilitate the development of innovative products and services in healthcare
  • Enhance the uptake of digital solutions in order to improve the health system
  • Connect interested parties in order to commonly develop collaborative projects in digital healthcare
  • Contribute actively to the shift of paradigm in health – from a curative to a preventive approach
  • Raise awareness about the importance of prevention and the digital instruments available to monitor the health status, patient empowerment

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ADR Nord-Est website
Cluster Imago-Mol website

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Facebook Cluster Imago-Mol

Linkedin Cluster Imago-Mol


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Ecosystem Coordinators

Alina Căpitanu

Head of External Projects Office, North-East Regional Development Agency

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