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The Malta Health Network (MHN) is an umbrella organisation which brings together health related organisations. The MHN was set-up in 2007 with 17 member organisations, in 2022 it represents 40 member organisations amounting to representation of over 12,000 families.
Malta Health Network Ecosystem

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MHN strives to give patients an informed voice in health-related matters in Malta, in the EU and internationally. The main objectives of MHN are patient empowerment, patient advocacy and training, and also aims at providing an efficient platform where all our members can network and achieve common goals through sharing of resources. MHN is affiliated with various European and International organisations and is regarded with high esteem amongst these groups. Over the years we have been involved in various initiatives and partnered in several projects involving patient empowerment, education, and advocacy.  

The MHN is independent of the Government of Malta and of any political party or organization. The MHN is especially active in promoting The European Charter of Patients’ Rights.


MHN promotes the health-related interests of patients and the wider community by updating itself about international ‘best practices’ and ‘capacity-building’.  The MHN achieves this through its regular contacts with local and international health-related Governmental Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, ‘Not-for-Profit’ Organisations and Patient Representative Groups. Since its establishment in 2007, MHN has carried out several projects with an aim to improve the Maltese healthcare scenario.

Malta Health Network also aims:

  • To give patients a voice on health-related issues in Malta and beyond;
  • To influence national, health-related, policies and practices in the interest of the community;
  • To establish a framework which facilitates communications on health-related and patients’ concerns between Government, Health Product Suppliers, Health NGOs, Health NPOs and PRGs;
  • To promote the representation of Health NGOs, Health NPOs and PRGs in national and international fora;
  • To network actively between people who experience health problems and health-related organisations;
  • To contribute towards and influence national, health-related policies and action plans;
  • To contribute towards and influence the European Union’s health-related directives and health-related policies;
  • To collaborate with other international organisations whose aims are complementary;
  • To take any appropriate measures required to fulfil the above objectives.

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Malta Health Network website
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Ecosystem Coordinators

Gertrude A. Buttigieg


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