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Social and care needs in Veneto
Italy – Treviso Health and Social Care Innovation Ecosystem

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The challenge of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a critical issue for older service users, their relatives and caregivers.
The phenomenon mainly concerns nursing homes but has important impacts in all the transitions of older people between different social and health care services.
ISRAA intends to call together companies, research centres and experts in the phenomenon so that they can devise the best proposals for solutions, also working on that throughout regional, national and EU funding dedicated to health.

The objective of the Treviso Ecosystem regarding housing is to promote capacity-building around the momentum that is pushing senior housing and Age-Friendly Environments at the top of the European agenda in recent years. By gathering support from partners and stakeholders in the Treviso area and around Europe, the Treviso Ecosystem is able to start modelling an approach to senior and “perennial” housing facilities that take into consideration health regulations and needs, digital and social innovation and, finally, aesthetics and functionality. The Treviso Ecosystem can build on the initial experience of Borgo Mazzini Smart Cohousing, which is developed by ISRAA in the historical centre of Treviso following the principles of Universal Design.

Active ageing for longevity
Since 2012 ISRAA has been working for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the transformation of the ageing process in close collaboration with the University of Padua, of which it is a partner in a Master’s degree in longevity psychology. Several European, national and regional projects in the field of active ageing have been carried out in the course of this perspective.

ICT innovations in care
Technological innovation applied to prevention, treatment and reduction of social isolation is a priority for policies to develop services for the elderly.
ISRAA is open to research and experimentation collaborations aimed at enhancing the adoption and diffusion of ICT in people’s housing contexts for the improvement of their quality and for the efficiency of services and well-being of care workers.

International collaborations with other ecosystems
In order to achieve synergies on all topics of interest, the institute is available for collaborations and exchanges of knowledge with other ecosystems in the ECH Alliance network.

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