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TES was founded in 2005 as a Competitiveness Cluster, a state-led initiative partly funded and labeled by the French government. Competitiveness clusters, aim at promoting collaborative R&D projects by bringing together companies, public research labs and the academic sector with a view to developing innovative new products, processes and services.
Normandy Pôle TES E Sante Ecosystem

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The shared goals of competitiveness clusters are: increasing the innovative effort of businesses and reinforcing mostly industrial activities with high technological content; improving the attractiveness of France through increased international visibility by boosting the economic impact of R&D projects and supporting the growth of SMEs and mid-tier firms by providing them with collective and individual assistance: access to funding, opening to international markets, anticipation of their requirements in terms of skills and individual development assistance (advice, tutoring, etc.)


Its objective is to become the reference in terms of innovation in digital high technology, particularly in the field of smart health, but also and more broadly in the fields of smart industry, smart agriculture, smart content and smart territories.
The mission of TES is to imagine and co-conceive the future ways of using technology in these fields. It identifies the needs and key challenges in order to develop innovation programs that lead to improvements in terms of use, turnover, employment and region promotion.
Drawing on its network of members and partners, the TES Cluster supports innovative and collaborative projects from the idea stage to product launch. Its priority is the security, interoperability and reliability of its innovations.
In the field of smart health, TES’s motto is “Placing the patient’s needs at the centre of digital high-tech innovation”. Therefore, TES focuses on:

• The integration of adapted digital solutions throughout the patient’s journey,
• The use of Internet of Things (IoT) and Medical Devices (MD) for monitoring chronic pathologies and home care,
• The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for diagnostic assistance, monitoring of health data in the home/town/hospital relationship,
• The digital transformation of care facilities.

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