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The National Center for Health Information Systems (CENS) works to strengthen the development of technology and information systems for the Chilean healthcare system.
Chile Health

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CENS is a not-for-profit organization, founded by the five top Chilean universities in health informatics, with the support of CORFO, the Chilean economic development agency.
CENS brings together the deep knowledge of academics with the know-how of private sector experts to create services that aim to bridge the gaps in interoperability and quality standards, capacities, and innovation in our digital health ecosystem.

CENS aims to improve healthcare in Chile, prioritizing patients’ well-being. We define better healthcare as a more connected, cost/resource efficient network, that utilizes technology and information systems to cover the needs of patients throughout the country, creating an integrated healthcare network.


CENS works in the following fields:
Human Capital
Developing capacities by training healthcare and tech sector workers, as well as providing universities with tools to educate others in digital health competencies.
Software Quality
Validating the quality of information systems and technologies, by applying tools that measure products, processes, and maturity levels of all stakeholders.
Developing, adopting, and adapting international standards for health information systems interoperability.
Promoting collaboration among government, academia, and private sector, to identify the most viable and relevant digital health projects
Technological Surveillance
Monitoring international trends and standards in order to support their proper adoption by the Chilean healthcare ecosystem.




Best practices and standards in digital healthcare
• Learning and exchange experiences in the design and implementation of eHealth projects or initiatives of Echalliance member.


• Understanding the European ecosystem and market to help startups scale up
• Understand European regulations on eHealth issues
• Get to know institutions with similar areas to CENS in order to generate instances of collaboration.

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