France - NICE / PACA Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Ecosystem


ECHAlliance is proud to announce the creation of the 1st French Ecosystem, with the launch of Nice Ecosystem marking the newest addition to the growing International Network of Ecosystems.

Nice, metropolis of 5 million inhabitants in Provences Alpes Côte d’Azur (PACA), is one of the most advanced regions in France in terms of research and innovations within the health and social care, IT and electronics sectors. Over several years, this ‘French Riviera’ metropolis has developed a strategy focused on the wellbeing of its citizens and especially, around the older population for active & healthy ageing


The focal point for Nice’s health and innovation strategy is providing a full range of services from business support and start-up incubation through to evaluation of solutions in its living lab.

Based on 2 complementary pillars, the strategy aims at smart city programmes and the European city for Health. A number of internationally renowned research and clinical teams as well as companies are based in NICE, and the nearby Science Park of Sophia Antipolis. The ECHAlliance Ecosystem approach will support the stakeholders, enhance local and International connections and collaborative projects, in order to create an enabling environment, from the foundational research to the implementation of solutions.

Ecosystem Coordinators

Mathilde Demory

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