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Founded in 2007, the GEEF (ECHAlliance name Digital Health Friesland (Netherlands) Ecosystem, in short DHFE). Its major goal: Independent Aging with Health Smart Homes Technologies (HSHT).

Being a network organization and supporting its 16+ participating organizations, the DHFE focuses on successfully implementing innovative home automation (HSHT), Smart Home technologies and e-health. The participating organizations cover the fields of public housing, health care, health insurance, local authorities and education (schools) in Friesland.

As an independent professional party DHFE can give solicited and unsolicited counsel and publicize about its projects and interventions in the field of HSHT. Health Care Providers for instance facilitate elderly and all people around and close to them in this way.


The aim is to develop, create and select fitting Health Smart Homes Technology (HSHT) solutions to cope with todays and tomorrows challenges. By 2030 every inhabitant of Friesland should have access to Home Automations and e-Health in order to continue living at home safely and autonomously. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities perfectly states what DHFE wishes to undertake.

Looking for similar initiatives within Europe, the DHFE is eager to learn from one another, to share successful projects and to cooperate on new initiatives that concur with the unique structure and need of the Frisian community. Care providers home and abroad are challenged to join. DHFE wants proven solutions and subsequently upscale them within all participants.

Working Groups

  • Insurer – De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar
  • Universities – NHL Stenden hogeschool, ROC Friese Poort, ROC Friesland college
  • Social housing companies – WoonFriesland, Elkien, Accolade, De Bouwvereniging
  • Municipalities – Leeuwarden, Sudwest Fryslan, De Fryske Marren, Smallingerland
  • Care providers – Thuiszorg ZWF, KwadrantGroep, Patyna, Zorggroep Alliade
  • Companies – Bureau Hagelslag

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Ecosystem Coordinators

Mia Schaafsma
Director - Platform GEEF

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