Australia - Melbourne Digital Health Ecosystem


RMIT University is proud to host the Melbourne Digital Health Ecosystem of the ECHAlliance.
The Melbourne Digital Health Ecosystem is the first Australian ecosystem within the ECHAlliance. Our goal is to support exchange and initiatives, both locally and internationally between policy makers, healthcare providers, researchers, technology disruptors and the community sector.


Through sharing knowledge, best practices on health policy, health models, health innovations, health trends across the globe, the Alliance and Melbourne Digital Health Ecosystem serve as a gateway to international networks. As a centre of collaboration, the Melbourne Digital Health ecosystem provides a unique access point for international partnerships, network building and research funding.

Our collaborative ecosystem is currently focusing on three priority areas:
1) Virtual Care
2) Mental Health
3) Healthy Ageing

Working Groups

Co-leaders of the Thematic Innovation Ecosystem on Skills for Health

Social Media

Ecosystem Coordinators

Prof Kerryn Butler-Henderson
Director of Digital Health
Susan Feitoza
Research Partnerships Manager

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Australian Digital Health Ecosystem, Covid-19, Ecosystems, Northern Ireland Connected Health Ecosystem, Supply
Australian Digital Health Ecosystem, Covid-19, Ecosystems, Northern Ireland Connected Health Ecosystem, Supply
Australian Digital Health Ecosystem, Ecosystems
Australian Digital Health Ecosystem, Ecosystems

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ECME were delighted to take part in an excellent digital care event organised jointly by @DigitalCareSys @AnaekoLtd & @hiranihealth in Belfast. Collaboration between industry, care, academics and patients in the design and deployment of digital care technology is possible!

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OrchaHealth: In terms of barriers to adoption, it all starts with trust.

When a clinician or HCP recommends an app, people are 10 times more like to use it than it it had not been recommended by a clinician.


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