ECHAlliance member Ferrer declares Wellthy Therapeutics as winner of Innovation Challenge

2 March 2020

Global pharmaceutical company Ferrer announces Wellthy Therapeutics as the winner of Ferrer 4 Future, a first-ever open innovation program launched by the company in November 2019.

The Ferrer 4 Future challenge was initiated by the Digital Health & Technology department at Ferrer, formed in 2019 with the goal to leverage digital health as a means to build a healthier and more sustainable society. The challenge aimed at finding entrepreneurs and digital health businesses that Ferrer could work collaboratively with to develop disruptive health solutions.

The Barcelona-based pharmaceutical company has long propagated its belief in putting the patient’s needs first. The Ferrer 4 Future challenge by extension is focussed on finding partners that can develop digital solutions across the patient care value chain (physicians, caregivers, payers, hospitals and so on) to address the patient’s needs in a manner that enhances their quality of life. The challenge included showcasing 65 start-ups across the globe. 

“In Ferrer we are convinced that promoting innovation and digital health solutions is key to finding new ways of improving patients’ clinical outcomes and quality of life. That is why we created Ferrer 4 Future, our first-ever open innovation program launched by the company, as an active step towards collaborating with technology innovators to develop digital solutions across the patient care value chain. We are delighted to announce Wellthy Therapeutics as the winner, where we have found the right fit in both their digital therapeutic platform and their team. We are very much looking forward to collaborate as we strive together towards a common goal of better patient outcomes and quality of life”, said Gemma Estrada, Ferrer’s Head of Digital Health & Technology.

 “Personalized, real time care for every patient is the future of healthcare, and real world outcomes is the new gold standard. Augmenting the existing standard of care with digital therapeutics allows better real world outcomes for all to get one step closer to reality. Long lasting, collaborative digital therapeutic partnerships with pharma allow for the creation of multi-modal therapeutics that deliver impact to all healthcare stakeholders. We are excited to win the Ferrer 4 Future challenge and look forward to a deeper collaboration with Ferrer as we march towards improving health outcomes and quality of life for patients globally,” said Abhishek Shah, CEO & Co-Founder, Wellthy Therapeutics.

Ferrer will work with Wellthy Therapeutics towards a commercial partnership, details of which are yet to be finalised. 

About Ferrer

At Ferrer we want to create a better society by promoting people’s real wellbeing. While working to contribute to people’s health and quality of life, we are aware of the responsibility we have to our environment, which is why we are strongly committed to social, environmental and economic sustainability. Established in Barcelona in 1959, we are currently present in more than one hundred countries and our team is made up of 2,000 people across the globe. We provide trusted solutions through real and focussed innovation in the areas of pain, nervous system and self-care. In all our activity, we aim to achieve sustainable growth, doing our work as well as we know and ensuring a responsible value chain. Ferrer for good

About Wellthy Therapeutics

Wellthy Therapeutics is a digital therapeutics (DTx) company that inspires and enables patients to better manage chronic diseases. It works with multiple pharmaceutical companies, medical devices companies, health and life insurance companies, and healthcare systems to improve patient outcomes. Wellthy has commercialized digital therapeutics in six indications across cardiology, nephrology and diabetes, and is live in two countries in multiple cultural adaptations and languages. The platform brings together behavioral science, clinical science, technology and design to deliver real world outcomes to patients, and real time clinical decision support to healthcare providers. The company has 20+ publications showcasing its real world evidence in cardiology and diabetes. For more information, please visit

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