ECHAlliance Ecosystem Network is growing and growing

17 July 2019

We have seen the launch in the last month of not one but three new ecosystems.

Starting off in the Basque Country in June and attended by our very own Joan Cornet, we believe this will be an exciting new level of collaboration with Association Salud Digital.

Joan Cornet at the launch of the Basque Ecosystem

The second launch was in Bretagne, France, closely followed by the launch of the ‘SWITCH’ Ecosystem in the South West of England, which was an enormously successful event and a credit to the colleagues who set it up from Plymouth University and the South West AHSN.

During June and July and we saw more Ecosystems held in Portugal, Catalonia, Scotland, Rheinland, Yorkshire and Humberside, North West Coast UK and Manchester with the most recent event taking place in Wales.

Putting connections to work saw us take part in a Learning Exchange from the Galician Ecosystem to both the Serbian and Slovenian Ecosystems which you can read more about HERE. This is exactly what the International Network of Ecosystems is about by linking expertise, creating collaboration and creating business opportunities in the world of digital health.

LEX delegation at home for the elderly in Radovljica Slovenia

As our ecosystems grow and develop so do our networks, membership and connections which in turn helps to join up the dots as the Global Connector. Already in 2019 we have opened 4 new ecosystems and we currently working to develop at least another 4 new ecosystems by the end of the year which would see our largest expansion yet as a network of international Ecosystems. Hopefully by then we will have grown to 36 ecosystems having and estimated 150 ecosystem meetings per year which is a great source of pride for us and our members. Each of these will help to further break down silos, transform healthcare delivery and create economic growth.

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