Doctors for doctors – initiative from the first line of the fight against corona

18 May 2020

DoctorsForDoctors is an initiative that started in Serbia and consists of a core team of 20 professionals. The project is specially designed and standardized for monitoring and evaluating the health status of healthcare workers in multiple hospitals in Belgrade. 

The collected data is being analyzed based on the experience of doctors and experts from several international university hospitals. The system Doctors for Doctors was developed with the technical support of IT companies from Serbia, with the purpose of continuously monitoring and evaluation of the psychological conditions, and working and living environment of the healthcare workers, as well as for early recognition of COVID-19 infection symptoms. 

Moreover, an electronic version of the World Health Organization COVID-19 questionnaires and other structured tools for data collection in English and in 6 Balkan languages were also developed, allowing large scale data collection. Finally, the project started the “Help for Helpers” initiative together with the Institute for Mental Health Belgrade. 

Our primary target audience is healthcare workers in the Balkan region, and together with our partners, we have reached a highly specialized target audience in excess of 5000 healthcare workers in COVID-19 and non-COVID-19. 

Furthermore, we have created traction of more than 40.000 people on social networks and media within the last week.

For more information contact Dr. Nikola Cihoric [email protected]

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