DISH – European Reference Group First Workshop Digital Skills For The Health Workforce

15 October 2020

The first, of a series of 3, workshop with the DISH European Reference Group (ERG) members, virtually hosted by ECHAlliance with the organisational support of EHMA, had the duble objective of sharing the the project’s objectives, activities, and progress and to initiate a fruitful dialogue with the ERG to expand on the project stakeholders’ reach.

The European Reference Group, a network of relevant organisations at European level all committed to the health workforce’s ICT literacy enhancement to meet the challenges resulting from the digital transformation of health and care, will support DISH boosting the wide communication and awareness creation coverage of the project at European level and will enhance opportunities for transfer and upscaling of its results.

Held on September 30th 2020 and with the partecipation of more than 70 attendees, the workshop allowed the participants to become familiar with the DISH concepts, community and activities and to learn from the ERG members about other local and international experiences relevant to the area addressed by DISH.

Animated by a lively exchange of questions and answers between the attendees and the panellists, the workshop has been structured to present to the audience the DISH ambitions and case studies springing from the project’s concepts implementation in two pilot sites, Norway and Germany. The ERG panellists enriched the discussion spotting the light on the educational instruments needed by the health and social care workforce to deeply embracing the transformational benefits that innovations in science and technology can bring for patients, staff and healthcare systems in Europe. Moreover, the synergies between the DISH project and EU Health Policy Platform Thematic Network “Profiling and training the health care workers of the future” have been presented, highlighting the cross-fertilisation potentials between the two initiatives.

The online workshop’s material, speakers’ presentations and online recording, can be found here:



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