Discover iRaise online training programme for multidisciplinary teams of professionals at healthcare organisations

1 July 2021

iRaise is an online training programme that aims to support the upskilling of health professionals for a more efficient innovation adoption in health systems. The project targets multidisciplinary teams of professionals that are already involved in or interested in promoting and adopting innovation within their healthcare organisation. 

By participating in this course, health professionals will receive the tools and knowledge to lead innovative projects and boost innovation adoption in their organisation, such as:   

  • defining an unmet need in their healthcare setting;   
  • framing a potential solution, understanding the different options, the solution scope and its constraints;    
  • identifying adequate vehicle(s) to address the unmet need; and 
  • presenting a viable plan to address the unmet need, to a multidisciplinary and international audience.     

Previous programme alumni have participated in iRaise to design projects from the ground up or to refine and receive feedback on already existing projects. The projects have ranged from small scale to regional initiatives that are addressing either clinical or managerial needs. 

iRaise is currently open for registration for this year’s cohort. The programme will span over 9 weeks from 20th September 2021 to 26th November 2021. 

iRaise might be the project that takes your team and you on the journey towards the effective and sustainable adoption of innovation. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the programme or to share this information with your colleagues who might be interested about the project.

To have more information about iRaise, you can also consult the sylabus, the  leaflet or guide for applicants, visit, or contact [email protected]   

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