Memory Lane Games launches digital dementia care apps across Uganda

10 December 2020

On December 10th, at Alzheimer’s Disease International’s ADI2020 global conference, Memory Lane Games announced plans to roll-out localised reminiscence therapy apps across Uganda, in 3 local languages featuring simple, quiz-style games on familiar topics, points of interest and cities and towns … even villages … across Uganda. Executive Director of the Uganda Alzheimer’s Association, Dr. Paul  Kiwanuka-Mukiibi, said ‘We are excited to partner with Memory Lane Games. These apps will be our 1st point of call for dementia patients and they are not just about playing games; these are condition-management tools for the chronic disease of dementia. Memory Lane Games is a public health intervention that will benefit everyone who uses these accessible apps.” 

Bruce Elliott, CEO and Co-founder of Memory Lane Games, noted “At Memory Lane Games, we are building partnerships with national Alzheimer’s Associations to run pilots FOR FREE to provide localised reminiscence therapy at scale in their countries. Uganda is first and our list of pilot countries now is represented on 4 continents! We are also beginning recruitment for our Observational Study in the Isle of Man (our home), with 30 pairs of dementia patients and carers, with efficacy on quality of life outcomes to be determined with regular use of our personalised and localised digital health apps.

For many elderly citizens, Covid-related social isolation has been terrible. But for many of the elderly living alone, or suffering alone with cognitive decline, our new normal, is their old normal. Our familiar, localised games can provide a lifeline of positive reminiscence and even improve social interactions with challenging patients.” 

The Memory Lane games digital health apps turn memories into games to delight and engage dementia patients, their families and carers all over the world. We combine frustration-free design, gamification and personalisation, with plans to introduce AI Machine Learning (for optimised game play by cognition levels), to engage these often hard-to-engage-audiences. We aim to improve the lives of millions of elderly citizens around the world at virtually no cost to local health authorities. We will improve their quality of life (and their carers!), increase social interaction and engage them in cognitive stimulation, all while having fun playing games they can easily access everyday. We will also empower a global community of volunteers with a simple, rewarding activity of building games for the elderly near them. They can build games for their own loved ones suffering cognitive decline or for their neighbours or the wider local community, with localised games on free apps in their languages.

You may download the FREE memory Lane Games app from Apple App Store and Google Play stores or by visiting

For more information regarding the Memory Lane Games Country-Pilot-Programme, please contact [email protected]

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