Digital Champions Programme

8 January 2020

Building awareness among public sector leaders of the transformative effect of digital technology.

The Digital Champions programme began in 2013 and is a key action of the Digital Strategy. More than 270 public sector leaders have completed the Digital Champions programme, which has a key role to play in driving the pace of change across the public sector.

The Digital Champions programme aims to build awareness among public sector leaders of the transformative effect of digital technology. It also aims to give them increased knowledge and confidence to promote the digital agenda in their organisations.

The programme is open to Chief Executives, Directors and Digital leads across public sector organisations. It runs for 6, over the course of 5 months. Two separate groups will run at the same time.

Outcomes of the programme

By taking part in the Digital Champions programme, public sector leaders will:

  • better understand what it takes to succeed in an increasingly digital connected world
  • consider what transformational areas they need to prioritise for their organisation and how they can encourage different thinking.
  • experience new technologies, and how they might support delivering services differently

Benefits to your organisation

While the Digital Champions programme directly helps the public sector leaders taking part, this also results in benefits for their organisation.

These include:

  • a better understanding of how to direct transformation and reform
  • The chance to share and learn from colleagues across a diverse range of organisations and sectors
  • a better understanding of the national digital agenda and how this is driving change across the Scottish public sector
  • a better understanding of the need to make sure digital public services are designed using standards that focus on user needs and tackle digital exclusion.


Maryanne McGoldrick, Digital Talent Partner

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