Dialogue meeting: Video consultations and video visits in social care and healthcare

9 May 2019

On 26th of April 2019 Welfare Tech gathered 100 representatives from the Danish Ecosystem and discussed the scaled deployment of video consultations and video visits in social care and healthcare.

Both in the Danish regions and municipalities, there is currently a commitment to scaled deployment of video consultations and screen visits as across sectors and specialties. The “video” approach applies both to the somatic and the psychiatric area, and to a large extent also to the home care, where visits are replaced with “screen visits” and “safety calls”.

There are already many experiences in municipalities and regions that piers can learn from, and many solutions in the market with different properties and complementarities. The approaches to the “video” technologies differ from private to public actors, leading to a need for sharing knowledge about advantages, disadvantages and perspectives.

At the dialogue meeting the focus was on opportunities, both organizationally and technically, as well as potential collaborations that can boost the deployment of screen visits and video consultations.

The participants represented municipalities, hospitals, regions, knowledge institutions, companies, interest organizations and consultants interested in the subject.

The purpose of the dialogue meeting was to kick-start some network groups within the topic and to create a platform for exchange of experience and knowledge sharing on current and future welfare technology solutions, so that the better solutions are developed and implemented.

In the meeting the following companies presented solutions ApplikatorATEA , Hejdoktor.dk, IBG Proreact, Kara Connect, KMDLife-Partners A/SLiva HealthcareMedWare ApSSundhedsekspressenMonsenso ApSRocheTunstall Health

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