Demigos are looking for healthcare professionals to consult for a healthcare data interoperability problem

8 March 2021

Too many software systems in healthcare don’t “talk” to each other, creating difficulties for patients and healthcare workers.

Demigos is investigating an opportunity to build a solution that can solve this problem and needs additional input from healthcare professionals. We are looking for help from doctors who use multiple software systems in their practice, CIOs/CTOs at healthcare companies, and other healthcare professionals who can contribute their knowledge to the solution of this problem. Your knowledge sharing helps us to develop a solution to the problem at hand. You can also join an advisory board of the company.

Demigos is a software development company experienced in building custom software for startups and healthcare providers.

Demigos has a track record of 40+ projects developed for clients from North America, the UK, the EU, and the GCC region. We’ve built senior care services, staffing platforms for healthcare workers, telehealth apps, and patient engagement platforms. Demigos’ portfolio includes easily scalable, secure solutions compliant with HIPAA and GDPR. They get top scores in external security and code quality audits.

Clutch has named us one of the top creative and design companies in Ukraine. 

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