[email protected] – Innovation Challenge by TGI Health Accelerator Programme

26 May 2021

The ongoing surge in COVID-19 cases across India has overwhelmed the healthcare delivery systems capacity. In this context, a large number of citizens affected by COVID-19 are trying to manage themselves at home. 

The George Institute for Global Health, India Health Accelerator Programme are partnering with ECHAlliance to launch an innovation challenge “[email protected]” for developing /identifying solutions that will support effective home based care for COVID-19 to support families and communities in rural areas.

Please share about your idea/innovation to address this challenge.

Covid-Care @Home is an innovation challenge covering an ideathon and hackathon aimed at developing innovative solutions for managing covid-19 at home with a focus on rural areas.

Call for Innovations under categories

  1. Management of COVID-19 at home and post COVID complications
  2. Ensuring access to essential medical supplies for management of COVID-19
  3. Tools for dissemination of verified information and tackling misinformation
  4. Mental health support for frontline health workers and people affected by COVID-19

Participation Criteria

is open to school and college students

is open to both individual innovators and early stage start ups

Submission Open Till: 10/06/2021

The winner from each category will be awarded INR 50,000 and will be provided mentorship by leading industry experts as part of the TGI Health Innovation Fellowship.

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