Covid-19 Operational Management Using Data

1 February 2021

We create “Health Services Libraries” which cover some 400 health and social care categories, for example, Primary Category, Aged Care, Secondary Category, Aged Care Assessment, Aged Care Case Management, Aged Care Residential High Care, etc. incorporating “public, private and not for profit organisations”, which eliminates 1,000’s of Provider Directories to become the Single Source of Truth

Find a Service
Find a Practitioner
Find an Organisation
Find a Service
Find a Practitioner
Find an Organisation
Visual Data Analytics
Integration – datasets

What it contains

  • service location and contact details
  • opening hours and availability after hours, on weekends and public holidays
  • services delivered via telephone or video consultation and home visiting services
  • eligibility criteria and payment options
  • appointment and accessibility options
  • practitioner information
  • referral details

AITIA then provide a geospatial visual data analytics mapping service (data maps) where local data can be compared with broader data sets including population data, disease groups, and risk factors, overlaid to create a full national or international picture of health, promoting evidence-based decisions for health planners, policy makers, researchers and consumers

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, it is important to use healthcare’s most important and underutilized assets, DATA especially now we are rolling out vaccines, we need to know where they can be used most EFFECTIVELY and TIMELY as per this example, Daily Cases by Community Transmission Rate, High Outliers in the USA

Covid-19 testing, vaccination centres (and supplies) and contract tracing can be added to the data sets to help protect vulnerable populations for Covid-19 vaccination and provide alerts for disease clusters at schools, senior care facilities, etc as this shows in Sydney, Australia

Aged Care Facilities – Melbourne, Australia    

Census Data, Persons Aged 85 and over – Sydney, Australia

Contact Tracking Dashboard, Sydney, Australia – Total Cases – 2nd January 2021 – Locally Acquired by Source by Post Code


We give you analytic capabilities to interrogate your data the way you need and deliver greater insights, as used in Australia

Community Transmission Rate, Daily, Traffic Lights – By County, Florida, January 12th, 2021

Community Transmission Rate, Daily, Traffic Lights – By County, Florida, January 23rd, 2021

Create “Stories” with Data as these two videos demonstrate

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