COVID-19: Cáritas Coimbra | SHAFE participate in the European Commission webinar

2 April 2020

Caritas Coimbra / SHAFE will participate as speaker in the webinar “COVID-19: European Coordinated Response to the pandemic”, promoted by the EU Health Policy Platform of the European Comission. The session will take place virtually this Friday, the 3rd of April, at 11 CET.

Carina Dantas, Innovation Director at Cáritas de Coimbra and Coordinator, with AFEdemy, of the SHAFE Thematic Network, will integrate a virtual Round Table where she will share the concerns of organizations and stakeholders who work with the older population, regarding the new coronavirus. This Round Table will also recommend the best practices to fight the spread of the pandemic and highlight the preventive measures adopted by third sector organizations, such as Cáritas.

Representatives of  the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), European Federation of Nurses (EFN) and European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) will join Carina Dantas.

The Stakeholders Network on SHAFE (Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments) is coordinated by Cáritas Coimbra and AFEdemy. This Network, approved in 2018 by the European Commission involves over 170 organizations from all over Europe. The objective is to align technological development and building environments, in terms of policy and funding, and align them with an integrated and more efficient health and social care system, with better quality at a lower cost, powering up the Digital Single Market strategy.

The webinar has a program with many prominent speakers: the opening session will be undertaken by John F. Ryan (DG SANTE – European Commission), with a summary of the epidemiological situation and risk assessment of the Pandemic. Ingrid Keller, also from DG SANTE, will communicate how the European Commission is supporting Member States,presenting themes such as borders and transport, medical supplies and future procurement, shortage of medicines and protective equipment or clinical trials.

At 10:50, measures to protect older citizens and groups at risk, such as homeless people, will also be presented by representatives of the European Respiratory Society Network (ERS) and European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA). 

This is an interactive session, in which the participants will be able to interact actively with the speakers, demystifying some myths and thus transposing good practices to their daily lives and to the entities with which they collaborate or to their workplaces.

To participate in the webinar “COVID-19: European Coordinated Response to the pandemic” use link below.

The agenda of the meeting and the instructions for participation can be consulted, use link below.

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