Learn about the Digital Health Consortium Université de Montréal

7 September 2020

The Digital Health Consortium was created in 2019 to bring together the entire Université de Montréal digital health ecosystem such as faculties and hospitals but also affiliated engineer and business schools and organisations like MILA and IVADO.

Interested in the design and application of digital tools and technologies to the health sector, the Consortium tackle as well the study of the impact of digital technology on the legal framework and public policies that govern in particular the health system and its management. Underlying the work of the Consortium are the Principles of the Montréal Declaration for a Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence.

Our mandate is to develop and coordinate, with all actors and stakeholders, the Université de Montréal digital health sector throughout our network. During our first year we have organised an International symposium on responsible innovation in digital health as well as quaterly seminars (in English), freely available online.

Among other things we facilitate the development of partnerships at the interface of data science, algorithmics and sciences relevant to health. We welcome opportunities to collaborate and share bests practices for deploying effective development of healthcare databases and the modernization of training programs, to name a few.


Camille Tremblay M.Sc Coordonatrice principale Consortium Santé Numérique, Université de Montréal 6666 rue Saint-Urbain, Suite H.10, Montréal, QC H2S 3H1 C : (514) 216-3544   [email protected]

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