Connected Health Group, winner of the Health Innovation Hub Ireland, Healthtech Innovation Competition

30 May 2022

Connected Health Group is delighted to be a winner of the Health Innovation Hub Ireland, Healthtech Innovation Competition. The award will facilitate an independent clinical pilot of airCeption, the world’s first remote incontinence management solution. The outcomes will support our core homecare business, by facilitating advanced incontinence management provision, while helping us to establish a new product as a service market position.

airCeption was developed by Connected Health to help manage incontinence care. airCeption is a non-invasive incontinence monitor that works by scanning the air around a person to identify instances of incontinence and alerting that the person requires care. Incontinence is most common among older people, those with dementia and other faculty-diminishing conditions. It is also a major driving force in long-term care admissions.

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In 2012, a team of highly experienced professionals, with a relevant mix of knowledge and expertise, came together to create Connected Health Limited. As one of the leading domiciliary care providers in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the ROI, we provide effective and efficient high quality healthcare services in the home and in the community, thereby promoting prevention and decreasing the demand for costly hospitalisation.

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