Cognitant is listed among top 200 in DIT Playbook

7 November 2022

Cognitant Group have been included again in the Department of International Trade’s 2023 edition of the UK Digital Health Playbook, listing the company among 200 UK innovators that are providing digital solutions for the healthcare challenges of today. The patient-centred provider of accessible, personalised health information and creators of the Healthinote platform were listed in the DIT’s Top 100 playbook in 2022 and now again in this latest 2023 edition. This playbook recognises Cognitant Group for the valuable role that it can play in helping people to better understand and manage their health, while helping to optimise consultation time.

The picture of talent and innovation in the UK is a fast evolving one with new pioneers emerging daily. Through comprising the UK Digital Health Playbook on an annual basis, the Department of International Trade aims to shine a light on some of the UK’s most innovative companies that are ‘finding new frontiers in healthcare to make an impact’ and who are ‘ready to go global and connect with the ever-expanding worldwide opportunity’.

Digital Health has the potential to address many of the challenges faced by overwhelmed healthcare services around the globe, offering a future of accessible, affordable and sustainable care with a personalised, truly patient-centric customer experience.

Innovators listed in the Playbook offer a breadth of solutions from remote monitoring, data-driven pre-assessments to systems and staff management at scale. Cognitant Group offers the technical, creative and patient-centric solutions needed to deliver personalised, immersive and patient support programmes to drive improved patient outcomes and optimise care. The company works closely with the NHS, as well as private health services, patient advocacy groups and the life sciences industry, to co-create digital solutions that improve patient experiences, optimise face to face care and support measurable improved outcomes.

Cognitant Group’s patient engagement platform, Healthinote, offers over 7,000 pieces of validated patient support content from the NHS and over 75 distinguished charities, and is integrated with over 3,000 GP practices, to serve over 29 million patients with trusted, accessible health information and support tools at the right time and in the right format.

You can view the Playbook here.

Discover more about Cognitant Group:

Cognitant Group is a healthcare technology company that improves patient outcomes and optimises consultations through personalised, immersive, patient-centric health information about health and treatment. The company works with the NHS, patient advocacy groups, life science companies and care providers to empower people to manage their health more effectively. Cognitant Group’s data-driven information prescription platform, Healthinote, saves clinician time, improves patient reported outcomes and reduces unnecessary complications across many care pathways.

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