Co-Founder of leading Covid-19 Vaccine, Moderna joins stellar EmTech Europe 2021 line-up

3 May 2021

EmTech Europe today announced its first group of headline speakers who will take to the virtual stage when it comes to Belfast on 1-2 July 2021.

Some of those confirmed to speak at this year’s EmTech Europe conference will include:

  • Kenneth Chien, Co-founder of Moderna, one of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies at the heart of the Covid-19 vaccines, based in Boston, USA and Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Dr Nora Khaldi from Dublin, Ireland who is the Founder and Chief Executive of Nurtias, the world leader in AI-based natural molecule discovery.
  • Peter Rawlinson, Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer of Lucid Motors in Newark, California, USA.
  • Marga Hoek, Author of the best-seller ‘The Trillion Dollar Shift’, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Nicole Eagan joining from Miami, USA, is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at international AI Cybersecurity company Darktrace.

EmTech Europe – Forging a Brighter Future will bring Europe’s brightest and best technology leaders, researchers, and innovators together to discuss how technology can create an equitable economy and society with sustainability and inclusivity at its core. 

The two-day conference will focus on artificial intelligence, health and sustainability under the themes of an Intelligent Future, a Healthy Future, and a Sustainable Future.

Senior AI Editor at MIT Technology Review, Karen Hao said: 

“EmTech Europe is a must-attend event for anyone who seeks to play a role in a shaping our collective future. This year’s program features some of the leading thinkers on the most important global challenges today: from tackling climate change to securing our health to regulating artificial intelligence.”

Lead curator of EmTech Europe, Tom Gray said:

“The aim of EmTech Europe is to give a platform to those most influential voices in the technology, policy and business spheres, and to help spark new ideas and conversations about how technology can create more prospects and opportunities in our post-pandemic world. The caliber of talent coming to EmTech Europe exemplifies the experts we have across the continent who are collectively pushing the boundaries of what technology can do in our world.

“I’m thrilled to be welcoming such high-quality speakers like Peter Rawlinson, Marga Hoek, Nicole Eagan, Kenneth Chien and Nora Khaldi to our virtual Belfast stage.”

Featured speakers:

A Healthy Future: Practitioners and thought leaders examine emerging solutions in connected health and telemedicine, and breakthroughs in the development of Messenger RNA vaccines for Covid. They will also explore how these advances can be applied to tackle other healthcare delivery issues and disease states.

Co-founder of leading Covid-19 vaccine company Moderna, Kenneth Chien will look at how top biotech countries like Sweden are leading examples of life sciences enterprise which can be copied by other regions, and what societal and governmental structures are in place to foster and encourage the growth of health technologies.

A Sustainable Future: Meet the engineers, entrepreneurs, politicians, polemicists, funders, futurists, and founders who are leveraging emerging technologies to stave off planetary meltdown assess the breakthrough technologies, from renewables and green energy solutions, optimizing manufacturing processes.

Peter Rawlinson, Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer of Lucid Motors, and formerly Chief Engineer of Tesla will look at how European carmakers are under pressure to sell more electric cars or face huge fines for breaching new emissions rules aimed at tackling global warming. Peter will also look at the significant barriers to widespread adoption of electric batteries in vehicles remain in relation to cost, energy storage efficiency and recharging and question if society is exploiting the full potential of the electric vehicle revolution to accelerate a societal green shift.

An Intelligent Future: AI is increasingly affecting every person and every human activity. Leaders in the industry will examine how AI related technologies are being applied to society’s challenges and in what ways AI research can be directed to have an instrumental role in building a better, more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Dr Nora Khaldi, Founder and Chief Executive of Nurtias will lead EmTech Europe’s “View from the Labs” session which highlights exciting research that is driving significant advances, which for Nora and Nuritas is the use of AI to identify peptides in everyday food that can have a beneficial effect on health outcomes.  

Co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Darktrace, Nicole Eagan, will discuss the drivers and impacts of invisible AI, looking at how we are interacting more and more with AI without awareness and what that means for the future of the industry. 

Author Marga Hoek will delve into the battle to save the planet by meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals and how tech for good can be implemented in all strands of technology and business. 

EmTech Europe 2021- Forging a Brighter Future will explore the themes of A Sustainable Future; An Intelligent Future; and A Healthy Future and encompass how ethical tech can work for good in the world. 

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