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3 June 2020

Andy Bleaden our Director for Ecosystems and Membership writes about progress in developing new services and support for our members and network and improving our information for members.

Over the last few months we have continued to review our membership which as a member organisation I know to be vital and we have made considerable progress in updating both many of our categories and information on our website for our members. In addition we have reviewed our services we offer to members and after listening both improved and in many cases created many new services and categories to reflect the changing needs of our network. We have create new membership categories for Not for Profits and also ECHAlliance Strategic Partners for those organisations that want us to work much closer with them.

Find out more about our Membership types here

We now offer a wide range of new services and support as well as bespoke consultancy services for our Partners to suit their needs. We like to look on these as bespoke services that enable our members to upgrade their existing membership to match their changing demands. This has meant that we can be more flexible to meet the needs of both public and private sector members and have started to work with a number of our members in a more strategic way supporting their growth into new markets, accessing funding and making direct connections in new countries. We are now working so closely with many of our members that they are seeing us as part of their team as they grow, develop and adapt.

We have improved our website and information for members and now know much more about them following the recent member to member collaboration emails, find more here,  that are pleased to start what we hope will be an opportunity to showcase our members more directly to each other so we can learn more, seek opportunities to collaborate and connect up the dots in digital health.

We have also seen a large growth in the actual number and breadth of our members as more people are wanting to collaborate and work together especially so with the recent pandemic. With the growth of our membership and ecosystem network and the move online comes greater opportunities to match demand and supply; collaborate across borders and share knowledge.

Our International Projects team are also very keen to collaborate with our members on funding opportunities whether they be regional, national,  European and most recently country to country and are always keen to seek new partners for collaboration in projects with a highly skilled and professional team.

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