Check out what we did during HLTH 2022!

21 November 2022

HLTH Las Vegas was a great success with more than 9,500 health innovators from 47 countries and over 850 sponsors. ECHAlliance delegation has enjoyed a full week of activities.

4 days programme

Over 9,500 registers

47 Countries

850 Sponsors

Highlights included:

Andy Bleaden, Communities Director at ECHAlliance has 5 takeaways from HLTH 2022

  1. Numbers, quality  and impact – this is less a conference and more an experience – with over 9,500 in person attendees, and 850 sponsors this was a well curated experience that shakes up the Digital Health events world
  2. HLTH Europe 2024 was announced – for Amsterdam (June 18 – 20, 2024) and ECHAlliance will be partnering with HLTH as part of our ongoing relationship with this high quality organisation. Read more
  3.  Global Health Connector Partnership summit bringing input from Europe, USA, Africa on topics such as Disparities Globally, Digital Skills Workforce, Data and Digital Services and Green Health reinforced by our 2 ECHAlliance ambassadors there : Kari Kohtemaki and Jon Warner
  4. Connections – As the Global Health Connector it was a fantastic opportunity to connect with hundreds of new contacts, form agreements on future collaboration and partnerships with existing partners such as the HLTH Foundation and AARP as well as bring in new members and ecosystems for our ECHAlliance Community
  5. We hosted our ECHAlliance Global Health Connector Pavilion featuring members and GHCP partners in the centre of HLTH giving us maximum exposure

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