Boost Legal Innovation: Purpose- and Content-Driven Legal Tech

2 September 2021

Boost Legal Innovation is an international competition, which is run by the global law firm Baker McKenzie. The Digital Generation is invited to come up with digital and sustainable innovation in cooperation with established companies and organizations.
Use your experience and your creativity to ensure that the opportunities arising from legal tech will benefit society and businesses by finding innovative and viable ways to shape the future of law.


For the elaboration of solutions regarding the Use Cases within the Challenge, a common submission template is available. This template will help you to structure your ideas and approaches and to find answers to all relevant questions.

The submission template is mandatory to participate!


In addition to this submission template, you will find specific requirements and guiding questions which you need to consider when preparing your submission in the “Use Case”-Tab by downloading the respective Use Case PDF.

You can also add prototypes, pitch decks, images and video materials, higher-level concepts, or specific use case-related materials to your submission – simply submit these documents along with the submission template via our platform.

The aim of this approach (standardized submission template, provision of guiding questions and possibility to submit optional documents) is to find solutions that cover a broad spectrum within the overall project: From concrete digital product ideas to higher-level concepts.

Evaluation Criteria

The selection of the two best participants or teams per use case in the qualification phase will be based on the decision of Baker McKenzie, possibly together with the respective use case provider and is based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and originality: Innovative and has a suitable approach to the specified problem statement
  • Societal resonance and impact: Benefits society and business and is anticipated to have a real, perhaps even global, impact
  • Quality of submission: Well explained and contains all information necessary; clear description of what is planned to be done, when and with which resources etc.
  • Probability of (technical) success: High chance of technical success to be expected if the proposed concept can be successfully realized
  • Diversity and skillset (if you submit as a team)
  • Relation to Baker McKenzie and the respective Use Case partner: Relevance and potentials to collaborate on the further development
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