Better’s offer to support COVID 19 response

16 March 2020

With the increasing threat of Coronavirus across the globe Better want to help.

Across Europe we are already supporting the data capture, data modelling and providing apps to help clinicians respond to the Coronavirus spread.  The Better platform already securely supports over 22 million patients over 500+ hospitals across 15 countries worldwide. Using our platform and forms, the health systems, partners and Better are building a COVID 19 data capture, management and reporting services with Moscow, Malta, Norway, Slovenia and we are going to test in the UK this week.

We believe we can stand this up very quickly and are testing this week.

We would like to offer for free:

  • Use of our data platform to stand up rapidly a single open data platform to capture all data needed 
  • Use already created Coronavirus forms (Suspected, Confirmed cases), tailor and build your own and give access to all appropriate clinicians 
  • Work with the health system to develop the front end, dashboards and support the development of login access 
  • Support the expansion of data capture for adding contextual information to support the improved analytics to support the response 

Work with the system to support patient provided data capture at point of triage

This will give clinicians right across the country:

  • Consistent real time data capture at point of care for all Clinicians for suspected Coronavirus to get an immediate view of suspects and confirmed cases 
  • Local and regional data sets to report and monitor the outbreaks in real time 

A simple way to enhance and bring in more data to understand context and patterns

Find out more by contacting Matt Cox, [email protected]

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