April Funding Opportunities Update

4 April 2019

Andy Bleaden, International Projects Manager for ECHAlliance, comments: 

We introduced the new ‘Funding Opportunities’ section to our Newsletter a few months ago. It’s based on feedback from many of our members and partners that target funding opportunities. We know that there are many opportunities, and it can be hard to keep up to date with all of them. So we have selected a few here that could be of interest, targeting both funds that are European wide and some with a more national focus.

Every month we send these opportunities to our members through our MEMBERS ONLY Programme. This forms part of the services we offer to members of ECHAlliance, directly via email. The MEMBERS ONLY programme features many more opportunities that are of interest  to our membership. 

If you want to receive these in advance like our members then please become an ECHAlliance member! Becoming a member is really easy – simply visit our membership page https://echalliance.com/page/Becomeamember and register today. This will give you access to more funding opportunities, more quickly, straight to your inbox. Many of these opportunities are time sensitive, so make sure you don’t miss out. 

The next MEMBERS ONLY Funding opportunities newsletter is scheduled to be published on 17 April 2019

If you are interested in any of these or indeed have applied for them and been successful let us know by contacting Andy Bleaden [email protected]

  • EUREKA – Korea / France Call for proposals: Learn more here
  • The European Capital of Innovation Award (iCapital) – H2020-European-i-capital-Prize-2019: Learn more here
  • LEDGER Project 1st OPEN CALL: Learn more here
  • EUREKA – INNOWWIDE 1st Call for applications for Viability Assessment Projects focusing on developing innovative products and applications: Learn more here.
  • Funding for projects aiming to improve identification & management of atrial fibrillation: Learn more here.
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