ANTISUPERBUGS: Pre-commercial procurement to buy R&D services for the development of early -and continuous- detection systems of microorganisms that may lead to hospital-acquired infections

7 August 2019

Description of contract: This procurement is for R&D services to tackle the following common challenge, shared by all procurers in the buyers group:
– Improve the quality of care processes in hospitals;
– Reduce both the healthcare & governmental costs and the operational impact resulting from infections caused by MDROs;
– Improve the appropriateness and effectiveness of antimicrobial medicine usage;
– Reduce the community and social care impact of MDROs acquired in hospitals through the procurement of precommercial technologies that will transform current
– Surveillance and Infections control systems into new comprehensive systems.

This PCP procurement is a joint procurement by different procurers across Europe that are all facing the same common challenge and are thus looking for similar solutions (so-called ‘buyers group’).
The lead procurer (Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitària de Catalunya) is appointed to coordinate and lead the joint PCP, and to sign and award the framework agreement and the specific contracts for all phases of the PCP, in the name and on behalf of the following Buyers Group:
> ICO/ VINCat (Catalan Institute of Oncology/Catalan Nosocomial Infections Surveillance). Spain
> UKA (Aachen University Hospital). Germany
> STH (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. UK
> PAT (Provincia Autonoma di Trento). Italy
> HELIOS (HELIOS Universitätsklinikum Wuppertal). Germany
> FMT (Fundació Mutua de Terrassa). Spain.

Tender budget:2,848,450.41 € sense IVA € 3,446,624.99 incl. VAT (21.00 %)

Contract terms: 28/01/20 – 31/08/21

Geographical area: Catalunya

Close of tender: 28/10/19 13:00h

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