Ankara University is an institution known for its strong academic programs and research initiatives

1 May 2023

Ankara University is the latest member to join our global network in ECHAlliance.

Ankara University is a public university located in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. It was founded in 1946 as Turkey’s first university and has since grown into one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. The university is divided into 17 faculties, 47 institutes, 11 vocational schools, and several research centers. The faculties cover a wide range of disciplines including science, social sciences, law, medicine, engineering, agriculture, and veterinary medicine.

The university has a total of more than 60,000 students and employs over 5,000 faculty members. Ankara University is known for its strong academic programs and research initiatives. The university is particularly renowned for its programs in medicine, law, political science, and engineering. Its faculty members are respected experts in their respective fields and have contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge in Turkey and beyond. In addition to its academic programs, Ankara University is also committed to promoting cultural and social activities on campus. The university hosts a range of events and programs throughout the year including concerts, exhibitions, seminars, and conferences. These activities provide students with opportunities to learn, grow, and engage with their peers and the wider community. Overall, Ankara University is a world-class institution of higher education with a rich history and a commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service. Its contributions to Turkish society and the global academic community are significant and will continue to have a lasting impact in the years to come.

Ankara University has several faculties and departments that focus on various areas of health. Some of the key areas of health that the university focuses on include:

Faculty of Medicine: The Faculty of Medicine is one of the most prestigious medical schools in Turkey. The faculty provides undergraduate and postgraduate education in various fields of medicine including internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, and radiology.

Faculty of Health Sciences: The Faculty of Health Sciences is another important department that focuses on various areas of health. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and dietetics, and medical documentation and secretariat.

Faculty of Dentistry: The Faculty of Dentistry is responsible for educating dentists and dental specialists. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields of dentistry including orthodontics, periodontology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and endodontics.

Institute of Oncology: The Institute of Oncology is dedicated to research, education, and clinical care related to cancer. It conducts research in various areas of oncology including cancer genetics, immunotherapy, and cancer treatment.

Faculty of Pharmacy: The Faculty of Pharmacy provides education and research in the field of pharmacy. The faculty offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in pharmacy and carries out research in areas such as drug development, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical technology.

Overall, Ankara University has a strong focus on health sciences and is committed to educating future healthcare professionals, conducting cutting-edge research, and providing clinical care to patients.

As a member of the community at Ankara University, it is our primary priority to gain access to a wealth of resources, expertise and networking opportunities related to digital health and innovation. Expertise and guidance: ECAlliance has a network of digital health professionals that includes healthcare providers, policy makers and industry leaders. It will be beneficial for Ankara University to take advantage of this expertise for guidance on digital health strategy, implementation and evaluation. Networking opportunities: ECAlliance hosts events and conferences throughout the year, providing opportunities for members to connect with other organizations and individuals working in digital health. With these networking opportunities, Ankara University aims to establish international relations, share ideas and collaborate in digital health initiatives.

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