Aitia Global harnesses your nominated databases into one unique master information source of truth

27 April 2020


Aitia Global harnesses your nominated databases into one unique master information source of truth.

We are a global digital consulting service with expertise in data consolidation and integration. We are experts in unifying and getting value from data and provide solutions to a fragmented system. Your data can be managed in a secure and accessible interface giving you:

by releasing the power of your data

giving you analytic capabilities to interrogate your data the way you need

delivering greater insights.

  • YOU decide which questions are to be asked
  • WE enable your databases to come up with the answers you seek


  • displaying that analysed data the way you need
  • including the ability to display your data as geographic data maps

informing you, as never before, so you can confidently decide on What To Do Next

Testing support and contract tracing can be added to the data sets to help protect vulnerable populations and provide alerts for disease clusters.

Our advanced data migration methodology means that any data type can be added to create a fuller picture of health, this includes historic and live data.

Highly developed security protocols ensure that information is managed securely.

Aitia Global also provides a geospatial mapping service (data maps) where local data can be compared with broader data sets including population data, disease groups, and risk factors, overlaid to create a full national or international picture of health, promoting evidence-based decisions. This mapping tool can be deployed rapidly, embedded on our clients’ own websites utilising their data.

Australian governments and hospitals are currently using these databases to track disease trends, population health monitoring, and manage pharmaceutical use. Health services can also use the databases to connect with pharmacies, suppliers, and other organisations across borders and communicate with each other via secure messaging.
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