Agreement to use AI decision support for carers in super-smart apps

22 June 2022

OpenClinical CIC, an Oxford University Innovation spin-in, is working with SeraCares Ltd to bring AI based decision support authoring tools with guidelines and data at the point of care.
The overlapping Oxford-based teams are now reaching out to more subject matter experts and other strategic partners to integrate practical content in learning health systems, to increase patient care and reduce inefficiencies.
We all have older people in mind as we all go there! Eldercare has to be better. 

OpenCLinical develops authoring tools to facilitate creation and sharing best-practice pathways for better, safer care.Transparent AI care apps present the right pathway for each case, and explain every decision The OC mission is to help carers to improve quality, consistency, and safety of care in the face of ever-increasing demand and an explosion of knowledge and data, always recognising the overriding concern for quality and safety.

SeraCares envisions a smarter way to learn and refresh care practices. There are many competencies needed at the point of care. CareEnabler Essentials will soon be a FREE resource accessible in an app – the basics of looking after residents and carers themselves. Delivering expert advice on a revolutionary learning platform, to any mobile phone or tablet, the growing knowledge base includes core care provision skills and tasks.

Team members seen on and are working with subject matter experts and technical support specialists to initially bring super-smart apps to carers of those with COVID-19, Diabetes, Stroke and more. We are open to feedback from all who share our vision and seek strategic relationships.

Discover more about SeraCares:

Seracares is a social enterprise formed to bring together expert knowledge of the care sector and media rich content for reference and learning; digital health publishing capabilities; business skills, experience and wide networks; and Advisory Board members to nurture and direct the detailed plans (available to prospective partners).

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