Adoption Modalities for innovative Service Models of increasing complexity

4 May 2021

A multi-annual Roadmap towards the Integrated Ecosystem implies a sequence of Programmes. 

CNR-IRPPS Italian Nat’l Research Council classify these Programmes according to 5 degrees of complexity of their process transformation, from tele-visit and tele-consultation up to the long-term management of multiple chronic diseases and frailty.

They explored the difficulty of deploying a Programme, related to the intrinsic properties of their Service Models (i.e. the internal factors of a Programme) versus obstacles/opportunities implied in the local context.

They  just published a working draft (in Italian, see here: and they are going to produce an executive summary in English to discuss the topic with interested Members.

About CNR-IRPPS Italian Nat’l Research Council

As a research body, collaborating with health authorities and industry associations, our focus is on: 

  • national, regional, local policies and roadmaps for disruptive health innovation, enhanced by existing technological solutions;
  • involvement of public and private stakeholders (including patient associations) in the design and the evaluation of the Programmes and of the multi-annual Roadmaps.
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