Addressing the sector’s needs and capturing the views and opinions of healthcare professionals

8 April 2019

As agents of digital transformation for healthcare and social welfare sectors we work to adapt technological solutions to serve people now and in the future.

With a focus on innovation, we believe that sharing knowledge enriches the path to progress for all. At TIC Salut Social, we work to identify, discuss and promote the various approaches and opinions. We do so in collaboration with the key figures, with the concept of digital transformation as a starting point. Openly sharing these ideas with our entire audience, from members of the public to businesses, institutions and the world of research with whom we are in daily contact.

The Visions campaign emerged with this idea in mind. It is a new project based on actively listening to and addressing the needs of the sector and listening to the opinions of professionals on topics of interest. A means to learn about new opportunities to innovate and maintain healthcare services which are constantly undergoing change, to facilitate change management and an ongoing adaptability to the needs of an increasingly interconnected society.

Visions will regularly offer content in the form of a video interview which will be posted on the foundation’s website. The interview will be accompanied by a written transcript and photographs. A new exercise in digital communication to encourage networking and the exchange of opinions with notable figures in our sector.

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