A very promising step to creating the new ECHAlliance Ecosystem Serbia

27 June 2018

ECHAlliance member ‘Health Tech Lab’ facilitated the ECHAlliance Ecosystem Serbia – Working Group-WG meeting, in Belgrade, on June 21st; at the ICT Hub Playground, a young home of budding Serbian entrepreneurs, creatives and startups. 

Key stakeholders in Serbian Health and Care attended, including the Ministry of Health, Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering-IMGGE, GDPR expert, Innovative IoT solutions-Dunav NET, Association of Patients, Institute of Public Health, Innovation Fund of Serbia, Bel Medic private hospital, Association for Clinical Trials of Serbia KLINIS, Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Serbia, FAB Lab, ETF Innovation Center, Health Tech Lab, and others.  

“Multi-stakeholder engagement is paramount to reaching wide agreement on key priorities for the region. These priorities inform the agenda and work of the regular ecosystem gatherings.  Our thanks to ‘Health Tech Lab’ leaders Damjan Damnjanović and Ivana Kostić, for facilitating this worthwhile WG meeting; as an exemplary case of how to develop an ecosystem”, said Gregor Cuzak, the European Connected Health Alliance, International Ecosystem Coordinator, who attended the meeting.

“Serbia is a part of Europe, and the only way into an innovative, patient-friendly and prosperous future for us, is in cooperation with partners, such as ECHAlliance. We are very excited that we will officially launch the ‘Digital Health Ecosystem Serbia’, in October 2018 and become a member of the ECHAlliance International Network of Ecosystem.” said Ivana & Damjan, both leaders of the Health Tech Lab, 

The ECHAlliance Ecosystem Serbia launch event will be organised in October and will cover most of the topics discussed by the Working Group. Among these some of the priority topics shared by several attendees were: genetics and personalised medicine, patient-centricity, funding for health-tech startups.

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