A new version of the PDMonitor® Physician Tool is online

4 April 2022

PD Monitor® Physician Tool is a wearable medical device for continuous monitoring of movement disorders, a sophisticated expert system for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

PD Neurotechnology® presents a new version of the PD Monitor® Physician Tool

Physician Tool is a web-based application used by the Physicians to view and download patient reports with a comprehensive and objective assessment of the disease symptoms. It serves as a patient management tool, while at the same time it stores patient data for 10 years, as an Electronic Patient Record. The new released Version 1.3.0 brings several important improvements to the PDMonitor® Physician Tool.

Among others, the new features include:

  • An improved, more user friendly, patient Overview page
  • Easy and direct access to all the unread reports from the initial home page
  • Easier medication changes monitoring
  • More options in the PDMonitor® Report and better graphics
  • The Physician can create and handle a Patient account totally from the Physician tool
  • Added and visible help messages throughout the Physician Tool
  • Improved overall responsiveness 

 Find out more about the tool here.

Discover more about PD Neurotechnology:

PD Neurotechnology Limited is an awarded, medical device company, founded in London, UK in 2015. It is certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27701:2019 and ISO 13485:2016 by DQS MED Germany. Its first product, PDMonitor® is a CE marked, Class IIa medical device, a digital, non-invasive, continuous monitoring system used by patients with Parkinson’s Disease, which enables an accurate motor symptom evaluation, coupled with information on lifestyle and drug adherence. A web application offers the treating physician a comprehensive and objective view of the patient status and supports the assessment of the disease stage and prompt and optimal modification of the treatment. It is a user-friendly management tool and electronic patient record.  PD Neurotechnology Limited is in Sales, since September 2020, currently present in more than 10 European countries, soon to launch in the USA. More than 30 global KOLs endorse PDMonitor®, a number of strategic collaborations are in progress or have been signed and reimbursement is expected in various countries, starting from 2022.

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