A month full of dissemination activities for Gnomon

3 October 2022

September was a period full of dissemination activities and events for the Gnomon team. Find out more about them in this article.

It was quite an unprecedented experience for GNOMON’s team to participate for the first time in AUTOMA+ exhibition, in Zurich. AUTOMA+ is an annual closed-door networking congress which gathers leaders and innovators of the healthcare industry. The mission of this event is the communication between different groups of people to achieve their personal goals. The audience includes hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, health IT leaders, doctors, scientists and heads from technology companies. Gnomon was a Sponsor for the Session “You are DATA”, which opened by our Director of Consulting Services, Dr. Alexander Berler, and his speech about how we lead the charge in data privacy and interoperability. During these two days of intensive networking we met many different professionals from the healthcare domain and received a feedback about our product, eHealthPass. Once again they realized about the importance of collaboration will affect the overall digital transformation. 

A few days before AUTOMA+, eHealthPass team participated in the 2022 IHE Europe Connectathon, at Montreaux, Switzerland. This was a unique opportunity for vendors to test the interoperability of their products in a structured environment with peer vendors. Through this Connectathon, participants test against multiple vendors using real-world clinical scenarios following specifications from IHE profiles. 

Meanwhile, during 13th – 15th the SHAPES consortium held the plenary meeting physically in Thessaloniki, Greece, for  the first time after the pandemic. The Smart & Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in Supportive Systems (SHAPES) Innovation Action intends to build, pilot and deploy a large-scale, EU-standardised open platform. The integration of a broad range of technological, organisational, clinical, educational and societal solutions seeks to facilitate long-term healthy and active ageing and the maintenance of a high-quality standard of life. During the plenary meeting the SHAPES partners had the chance to exchange interesting ideas and streamline the final phase of the project during which the integrated digital solutions will be piloted on the field. 

This month closed with our participation in the International Exhibition Beyond 2022, held at Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF – HELEXPO), Greece. This exhibition aims to address today’s needs by becoming the melting pot of the world’s brightest minds, talents and products. Beyond’s vision is the transformation of Thessaloniki into a technology and innovation hub for the broader region.  By giving two separate speeches, we had the chance to share with the audience our experience in assisted living needs and e-health future trends.

Discover more about GNOMON INFORMATICS:

GNOMON INFORMATICS S.A. is an innovative company headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece. It provides solutions for patient empowerment and assisted independent living.
History indicates a solid 25-year-old software engineering background, delivering important national & EU projects.
GNOMON is the creator of eHealthPass, the patient centered platform that enables frictionless data flow across systems and clouds. Our company has the longstanding vision and inspiration to digitally transform healthcare, insurance and social care industries by unlocking the value of data and enabling the data economy.

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