Why openEHR is Eating Healthcare

13 January 2022

Coronavirus has shaped the future of innovation in healthcare. No one I have spoken to wants to go back to how we did things before. There will be many elements to maintaining this innovative approach — from people and processes to technology. But there is one foundational piece that I believe will play a crucial role – openEHR.

More and more healthcare systems are turning to openEHR — from individual hospitals to regions to entire countries. Over the next ten years, many more healthcare systems will separate their applications from their data, putting openEHR at the centre of their architecture. Doing so will allow them to establish entire ecosystems of disruptive and innovative services centred around the patient.

Why openEHR is different, how will it accelerate development and digital transformation and how healthcare organisations will need to adapt in order to become better, is all very well explained in the blog by our CTO Alastair Allen.

You can read the whole post here: Why openEHR is Eating Healthcare

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