Sylvain Lele

Technology Manager

Sylvain Leleu is a Technology Manager with over six years of experience in the web and IT sectors, specializing in the Hospitality, Airline, and Web industries. With a robust background in technical project management and customer support.
Sylvain holds a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as well as a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management. His expertise spans across diverse sectors, and he has worked with well-known organizations such as Amadeus IT Group in various locations, including Nice, Madrid, Barcelona, and Boston. This international exposure has allowed Sylvain to gain a unique perspective on global trends and practices, which he leverages to develop and implement effective communication and support strategies for his clients.
Throughout his career, Sylvain has had the opportunity to work in various countries across Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. This experience has not only enabled him to hone his skills in addressing complex technical challenges but also to collaborate with diverse teams and gain an understanding of cultural differences. This valuable insight has provided Sylvain with a more holistic view of the world, allowing him to adapt his approach and deliver tailored solutions to clients from different backgrounds.
In his current role as a Technology Manager, Sylvain focuses on delivering accurate technical solutions, managing web projects from inception to completion, and providing top-tier support.
Outside of his professional life, Sylvain is a certified drone pilot, showcasing his passion for technology and continuous learning. This interest not only highlights Sylvain’s commitment to staying current with emerging technologies but also reflects his dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in his field.