Gregor Cuzak

International Ecosystem Coordinator

Gregor Cuzak, MSc, MBA, has been one of the key organisers of the Slovenian eHealth ecosystem since 2014. He has partnered with all relevant Slovenian health stakeholders, as well as numerous internationally, such us Health 2.0 and ECHAlliance.

Gregor operates as a consultant on topics of business development, data analytics and marketing. His recent focus besides digital health has been GDPR, working as a business consultant to a Slovenian international IT security and services company called Ascaldera.

Gregor’s interest outside of business, and inclusive with his family with Eva, Maks and Ula, are hiking, skiing and sailing. He also has a keen interest in the arts. Gregor volunteers in several patient associations, lectures, coaches and helps his peers. Once, a long time ago, Gregor was a professional ballroom dancer.