Tobias Gantner

Strategic Advisor

Tobias is a restless resident of different worlds, a roaming renaissance man: A medical doctor by training, a health economist and jurist by education, a philosophy aficionado by academic passion and curious by default. He has worked in a number of leading positions in hospital patient care and major industry companies such as Siemens, Novartis, Bayer Healthcare and Johnson&Johnson. Subsequently he followed his bliss and founded the ‘HealthCare Futurists’ (HCFs).

Tobias holds a number of academic appointments and is a sought after speaker in topics related to the future of health-care. He is on the advisory board for digital health in a number of institutions and is interested in digitalization and democratization in healthcare that both go along. Among his clients are major health-care industry players as well as newcomers to the market and start-ups.

He is currently approaching a professorship at the Fresenius University of applied sciences at Cologne campus for innovation in healthcare, design thinking and leadership in innovation.

Tobias is supporting the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) in the fields of strategic advice as on how to develop ecosystems in Germany and how to support companies that want to establish business in Germany.