Julien Venne

ECHAlliance Non Executive Director

Curious of everything and with a multidisciplinary academic background (economics, complex systems, political sciences, sociology), Julien’s always worked in multi-stakeholders environment, dealing with innovative projects involving latest technologies and multiple players (industry, policy-makers, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, etc.).

Julien is currently sharing his time between:
– Sharecare (global company), where he’s in charge of the development in Europe, establishing partnerships to support citizens for a better health and wellbeing;
– Maastricht University and the University of United Nations, with research activities about digital society, behaviour change, public health, data governance, cooperatives, citizenship and democracy
– ECHAlliance (non-profit org.), where he acts as non-executive Board Director

After experiences in local economic development, start-ups incubators and aeronautic technological projects, he’s been working for the last 10 years in the Digital health sector.

Naturally evolving in an international environment (Europe and beyond), interested in strategic thinking, he likes to work where public & private sectors meet, able to design both innovative public policies and business strategies. He manages international complex projects, working with public authorities, citizens’ groups, researchers, tech companies, health and social care providers, insurers and investors.

Expertise areas: digital technologies, health and wellbeing (prevention, chronic diseases, seniors), behaviour change and user engagement, urban innovation & smart cities, data governance, innovative business models, marketing & communication…

He is also speaker at international conferences.
Fluent in English, French and Spanish.